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"BlackWaltz never ceases to amaze me with everything he drops."
~ Horrorcore Magazine

Very first BlackWaltz track "Addicted" now available for free download! 

In 2008, before BlackWaltz was a reality, the track "Addicted" was written and recorded just to see how it sounded. The track has never appeared on any of BlackWaltz's album releases, but fans that have been following BlackWaltz since 2008 are familiar with the song. Six years after it was written you can now download the very first BlackWaltz track for free! It is still in demo form but has decent quality for the casual listener.


Phaezek 4 Remixes new EP for BlackWaltz 

BlackWaltz and Phaezek 4 have teamed up to bring fans a new BlackWaltz EP called "Regurgitated & Remixed". This new release comes only a month after the release of the BlackWaltz CD "This Is Horrorcore: The Main Course". The new EP will feature 5 remixes of tracks from both of the previous BlackWaltz releases plus a new alternate version of "D.F.S. - Dead Family Service" that will feature horrorcore artist "InFeKtid".

Phaezek 4 is a DJ/Producer/Remixer/Mashup artist from the UK. Phazek 4 was a project started by Tom Small in 2011 as a hobby, but with unexpected interest in his work, decided to produce more mixes, mashups and remixes via social media. He became a resident DJ at the Cyber Night 'Dark Angels' at Images Nightclub in Plymouth, UK in 2013. He began as an EBM/Industrial act but soon began experimenting and merging with new genres of music.
Find out more about Phaezek 4 on FACEBOOK, SOUNDCLOUD & YOUTUBE.


Mr. Strange featured on "D.F.S. - Dead Family Service" Single 

D.F.S. - Dead Family Service is the second single to be released off of the BlackWaltz CD "This Is Horrorcore: The Main Course", and features none other than the twisted genius himself, Mr. Strange. 

Mr. Strange began creating music under the pseudonym 'The Mad DJ' in 1998. The persona of 'Mr. Strange' was adopted in early 2006. This came about from people referring to the man who plays Mr. Strange as "weird" and, of course, "strange". He 

is the founding member (and was the lead singer/songwriter) of circus-rock-steampunk band 'The Shanklin Freak Show' since it's inception in 2003. He stepped down as frontman of the band in November 2011, but still plays an active role within the group. 

The Shanklin Freak Show started out as a twisted concept by Mr Strange in 2003. By 2006 they had become a full live band and began their quest for world domination. Inspired by ICP, Manson, Zombie, Cooper and a host of alternative artistes, their freaky circus rock coupled with a blistering live show made them a force to be reckoned with.


BlackWaltz releases new CD "This Is Horrorcore - The Main Course" 

On January 3, 2014, BlackWaltz released his CD "This Is Horrorcore - The Main Course" The CD is the follow-up to the free "Appetizer" EP that was released in 2012. The new CD features horrorcore legend Lo Key, Mr. Strange, Human Pollution and Jason Mask Da Booth. The "Appetizer" EP is available for free download in the music page tab and "The Main Course" can be purchased in digital format. There is also a Collector's Edition hard copy CD available for purchase of "The Main Course", and for the first time ever on hard copy, includes as a bonus the free "Appetizer" EP.

BlackWaltz was featured as the "Artist On The Rise" in the October issue of Horrorcore Magazine, which called the first single, "This Is Horrorcore" (feat. Lo Key), a classic horrorcore anthem. The second single "D.F.S. - Dead Family Service" (feat. Mr. Strange), is a disturbing and dark look at child abuse and BlackWaltz  & Mr. Strange deliver with an intricate story that is just as disturbing as any horror movie.


Horrorcore Magazine: "On The Rise With BlackWaltz" 

Horrorcore Magazine interviewed BlackWaltz as their "Artist On The Rise" in their December 2013 issue. Magazine owner Kirk Chewning did the interview and Molly Gruesome wrote the awesome article...


Up-and-coming midwest artist BlackWaltz has been busy cooking up some lyrical madness.

"I'm working on my follow up album to the E.P. "This Is Horrorcore: The Appetizer", says BlackWaltz. "It's my first full-length LP and should be released or near release when this interview hits the public."

The Missouri rapper is almost ready to serve up his debut album "This Is Horrorcore: The Main Course." It has collaborations with Lo Key, Mr. Strange, Human Pollution and Jason Mask Da Booth, a local artist from the St. Louis area. The album contains a remastered version of "The Cannibal's Kitchen" as well as a fresh take on one of his older songs.

"One of the tracks on the album called "Withdrawals" was on my unreleased "Body Bags" album in shitty sound quality," says BlackWaltz. "I re-recorded it with industrial band Human Pollution."

The first single, "This Is Horrorcore" (featuring Lo Key), has already been released and is a perfect mix of dark beats and sinister lyrics about blood, murder and dark imagery. Lo Key and BlackWaltz's voices blend well together and make it a classic anthem.

BlackWaltz is preparing to be a deadly force in the horrorcore scene. "I'm just getting started, so look out!"

His plans for the future include working with more well known acts. "I would like to work with a lot of underground artists like Playboy The Beast, Dark Half and Samson to name a few. It would be fucking amazing to do a collab with The Acacia Strain.

BlackWaltz is prepping for the future, but ready to bide his time. "I would like to start getting more music and merchandise out for the fans. Eventually I want to tour, but everything has it's time. I've had lots of interest in the hat I wear (which says "I Eat People") and I custom made it myself, so I am working on maybe adding custom hats to my merchandise that I do myself."

The name BlackWaltz came from one of his favorite video games of all time, Final Fantasy. The character is the three Black Waltzes, who are winged mages. "At first I just liked the way it sounded and it could mean so many different things. To me, it means "the dark 3", referring to my three personalities: Walter Black, BlackWaltz and The Karma Killa."

BlackWaltz is influenced by both hip hop and metal, which is a common trait amongst horrorcore artists. Playing the drums in death metal bands was where he first began his musical career. "I've been making music for 18 years, but I've only been writing horrorcore for five years. I started because I like rap music that felt familiar to what I was already doing musically. Listening to and playing death metal growing up, I realized the only difference between death metal and horrorcore is the music, not the lyrics. It was a natural progression to me. I quit playing drums and just sat down one day and wrote an entire rap song because I was bored. I recorded it and liked the way my voice sounded, then I just kept writing and never stopped."

No longer performing in death metal bands, BlackWaltz still remains influenced by the genre. "I would say my biggest influence is Eminem, but there are quite a few others like The Acacia Strain, Rings of Saturn, Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation, Twiztid, Lo Key, The Jokerr and Yelawolf, to name a few. Everything I listen to influences me somehow, even if it is not the same genre."

Death metal has a similar theme as horrorcore, with lyrics about murder, cannibalism and violence. BlackWaltz incorporates these themes into his music but with a more realistic approach. "I would say there is a lot of forensic science in my horrorcore. I won't just write a song about murdering someone. I give that murderer a reason and an aftermath of not getting caught. In order for my character to not get caught, he must know how to clean everything up and get rid of all the evidence. If he didn't, he would have murdered once and gotten caught."

He explains about his storytelling, "Sometimes I'll try to plan out the track order of everything before I even start writing. Other times I'll just record a random song and end up picking that random song for the album. The concept of the first track I managed to produce, "Addicted", was a crazy story told through the eyes of someone who is addicted to an insane amount of drugs.

BlackWaltz has the right voice for horrorcore: dark, low and sinister. When he mixes in a metal growl it really adds to the atmosphere of the songs. It makes the lyrics almost believable as he takes you into his own world of madness. Horrorcore has similar themes throughout the genre, but its up to each artist to make it their own. It takes a certain amount of skill to drag up the darkest sides of humanity without sounding corny or forced. BlackWaltz is an artist who can definitely pull it off.

Digital and print copys of Horrorcore Magazine are available at www.horrorcoremagazine.com

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